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Our Executive Board
Hey guys my name is Parshva Sanghvi! This year I will serve as the MSAS chair as part of Pre-Medical AMSA. As someone who has attended both the virtual and in-person symposium, I am excited to share my passion for this event so future medical students have the opportunity to learn about their favorite schools. I look forward to seeing all of you at the event!
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My name is Esha Ghosalkar, and I'm currently the president of Pre-Med AMSA. Last year I served on the MSAS board as AMSA's vice president, and I'm super excited to help plan it again this year. MSAS is truly an amazing opportunity for pre-medical students to learn more about the application cycle and medical school requirements. As someone who is currently part of the cycle, I know that MSAS is a great resource! 
Sarah is a senior studying Biomedical Science, currently serving as Vice President for UCF’s Pre-med AMSA. Outside of studying for classes, she spends her time volunteering at Orlando Regional Medical Center, and being a council member on UCF’s President’s Leadership Council. Activities that she likes to do for fun are watching Marvel movies and going to Universal & Disney World. Sarah is very passionate about giving a voice to the underserved and underrepresented and hopes to give the best care to all patients as a future physician!
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Hey everyone! My name is Ritesh Chandrasekaran and I proudly serve as the President of International Medical Outreach. I love the MSAS event because it is an opportunity to bridge the future students of medicine with the correct educational institutions to teach them. 
Hello everyone! My name is Sahil Kapadia and I am excited to serve as the Vice President of International Medical Outreach this year! I have attended MSAS every year of my collegiate career have had an amazing experience every year. I hope to give everyone a similar experience this year as a member of the MSAS Executive Board!
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While most of the time Kim is busy with classes and dedicating time to MAPS, she also volunteers at Shepherd's Hope, in the medical unit of Orlando Health in Saint Cloud and at local food pantries throughout Central Florida. One day, Kim would like to go to medical school to become a physician. Outside of all the responsibilities of a pre-med student, Kim enjoys a variety of different activities: playing video games, baking, crocheting and drawing are just to name a few!
Kiara Cooper is the Vice President of Operations for the MAPS. She is majoring in Biomedical Sciences and is looking into minoring in Health Science. She volunteers at the Orlando Regional Medical Center in the Orthopedics Unit and at Shepherd's Hope. Her career goal is to become a physician. She also loves to listen to music, exercise, watch shows, travel, and more!
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Hi everyone! My name is Florian Alushi and I am the current President of PPMS. I also serve as the Outreach Officer at ACS. I am majoring in Biomedical Sciences, and my goal is to become a physician. I am very excited to help host MSAS this year and I hope it to be a great and productive experience for everyone!
Hi Everyone! My name is Justin Barthel and I currently serve as the Professional School Information Officer at PPMS. Having attended MSAS as an underclassman, I am thrilled to help host MSAS to provide you all with the necessary resources and networking experiences to help you all succeed in your medical careers!